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How To Make Easy To Learn Games

Develop Brighton 2024 Mini-logoPleased to announce that I'm giving a talk at 11 am on Wednesday 10th July 2024 at Develop Brighton, in Room 1, entitled "How To Make Easy To Learn Games". Here's part of the blurb:

Everyone wants to make games that are easy to learn, but they also want to make games that are inventive and original. The hard truth is that these goals are in tension, and the more you innovate and create new experiences, the tougher it will be for players to learn how to play your game. But the flipside is also true: the easiest games to learn are those that do nothing new... and these will swiftly vanish from everyone's attention as forgettable. Navigating between these two extremes is a key skill in the delicate art of game design.

You can read the whole blurb at the Develop Brighton website.