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Tropico 6 Arrives to Glowing Reviews

Tropico 6 Header

One of the projects International Hobo has been working on over the last two years is Tropico 6, which has now shipped to rave reviews. Having worked on the narrative design and scripts for this game, we were particularly pleased by this review on Windows Central:

My favorite thing, though, is the writing.The quips of both average citizens and named characters in your nation poke fun at dictatorship stereotypes, and they're written and voice-acted well enough that they always got a laugh out of me. My personal favorite was when my own El Presidente character lamented on his desire to arrest someone, "just to see the look on their face."

It's truly wonderful to see this game finally out and receiving the praise it deserves, and although working on it has been challenging, it has also been highly rewarding. We wish Limbic and Kalypso every success with this wonderful game.

Silk Kickstarter Fully Funded!

Silk Fully Funded

After an incredible final day of the Kickstarter, I'm proud to report that Silk is fully funded! It's a huge step forward for the project and we're very excited to be bringing the game to all our wonderful backers, and all the other players who are going to discover the game in the future. Our infinite thanks to everyone who supported us over the last month, and watch this space for further updates as we continue development of the game. 

You can follow the development of Silk over at the devblog, which is updated every week.