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I’m proud to report I have a gig at Edinburgh Interactive this year with Ren Reynolds, at 2:30 pm on Thursday 9th August. Here’s the blurb:

Are computer games art?

This seemingly obscure academic question can quickly get film critics spluttering, lawyers scribbling, and bloggers, erm... blogging. Why all this passion? Because if computer games really are art then they matter. Not in the sense of computer games being the UK's most successful creative industry where we export products and talent around the world, or games being a massive boost to the British economy. No. Really matter. As a culture that people have to take seriously.

To answer the question once and for all, philosopher and policy wonk Ren Reynolds talks to Chris Bateman about games, art and their intimate relationship. As author of the book Imaginary Games, founder of International Hobo and lecturer, Chris brings the twin perspectives of game maker and academic to this vexed question.


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I wonder f you have publicly commented on the new "hot topic" of *mobile gamin*? As always, I am keen to learn about your views. Best!

translucy: great to hear from you, but I'm afraid I'm not entirely sure what aspect of mobile gaming you meant for me to comment on? It seems like a very wide remit to me! :)

Chris: I was thinking along the lines of your efforts in player modeling and aesthetics, now transferred to the mobile experience, the different game controls etc.

As a tangent , there seems to be an app called IHobo

translucy: The increasing availability of touch screens certainly changes the landscape somewhat, although I don't know that I have anything specific to offer in this area - except perhaps a critique of how 'game literacy' and control schemes interconnect e.g. the most game literate players primarily play using the most complicated control schemes.

As for the IHobo app, yes, alas I am aware of this since I have received a lot of email from people wanting support for it and thinking we were something to do with it. :)

All the best!

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