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Imaginary Games - Out Now!

Imaginary Games.Final Cover It gives me great pleasure to announce that my philosophy of games book, Imaginary Games, is now available to buy both as a paperback ($19.67 on and as a Kindle ebook ($11.58 on – although those prices may have changed by the time you click on them, of course.

In a rather bizarre situation, there are apparently 8 used copies of the book for sale with prices ranging from $14.95 (+$3.99 shipping) to an astonishing $51.47 (+$3.99 shipping), and conditions varying from ‘Very Good’ to ‘Like New’. Since a quick look at the publisher’s stock records shows that as of writing the only copies in circulation are my author copies, these vendors must either be slightly underselling or radically overselling copies of a book they don’t actually possess. Wild.

I’d like to take this opportunity to reiterate my thanks to everyone who has supported this project over the years. Despite being impressed with my proposal, many reputable publishers turned me down on the grounds that they didn’t believe such an odd topic could sell even 500 copies (the exact figure quoted by one such publisher). I hope to prove that there are in fact gamers out in the world with an interest in philosophy – and philosophers with an interest in games – and that the question of whether games qualify for the cultural esteem denoted by the term ‘art’ is one that matters to a great many of us.

Imaginary Games is available from all good booksellers now.


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