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I am back to blogging, albeit short on time as a result of the new baby! It’s a shame that I’ve had to miss GDC again, but then special circumstances apply. As a result of my new family situation, I may struggle to get game content together for ihobo for the next month, but I’ll try and find some time for a few brief thoughts if nothing else.

A few announcements…

  • MotorStorm Apocalypse (PS3) launches in about two weeks time. International Hobo has been working on the structural and narrative content of this game since pre-dev and it’s been fantastic watching the extremely talented team at Evolution Studios at work. Looking forward to seeing the finished game.
  • Green My Place, the serious game project that won a Learning Game Award last year, has launched. There are some fantastic minigames at this site, based on designs we provided to the project, and I’ve been really impressed with the way it’s come together over the last eighteen months. Casual game fans, check it out!
  • Also about to be released is Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (PS3, 360, PC), the last part of the Air Conflicts trilogy we’ve been working on for about five years. The story materials we developed for this arcade flight sim are really quite exceptional. Set in World War II, it tells the story of a smuggler pilot and her crew who become embroiled in the struggles of the resistance movements in Europe, with flashbacks to her father’s story as a pilot in the Great War. It may be the best game story we’ve ever made.
  • I’m also delighted to announce that Zero Books will be publishing my philosophy of games book Imaginary Games, probably in early 2012. This is the culmination of the Game Design as Make-Believe serial – thanks to everyone who supported this!
  • And of course, I now have a little baby son, Soren Albert Bateman!

Have fun everyone!


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Soren... ? Named after a certain game designer by any chance? :O

Rik: perish the thought! No, it's after the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. I may enjoy my games, but I'm a sucker for philosophy. ;)

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