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Notice of Intention to Accept Paid Advertising

Dear ihobo readers,

I have recently been receiving a lot of requests to put advertising onto For the most part these have been things I wouldn't want to be involved in promoting, but recently I have received offers for paid advertising that is a logical fit to the website and I have been considering it. The money to be made in accepting these ads is exceptionally slender, but it would cover the costs of the web hosting involved in the various ihobo blogs if nothing else, and shouldn't be disruptive to readers as it would just mean additional boxes in the sidebar along with the links for my books.

However, since any blog is nothing without its readers I am writing to consult with you about this decision to accept paid advertising. If you have any thoughts on this matter, I will be happy to discuss this with you in the comments. If there are no objections, I will proceed with advertising in April 2011. I promise nothing that will play music at you, nothing that will demonically possess your cursor, and no pop-up ads of any kind! (I currently have no intention of accepting ads at my philosophy blog, but will continue to pimp my own books there).

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who reads ihobo for your support over the years, and I hope you will stick around in the years to come!

Chris Bateman
Creative Overlord, International Hobo Ltd.


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I don't mind much one way or another. I'd ask that you not truncate your RSS feeds to force the click-through, though. If you feel you need me to see the advertisement, embedding it in the RSS is fine.

I've been considering similar as I revise my network of sites. I have added ads to my RSS feed already and don't believe I lost anyone over it.

The implied answer there is--pay for your site with ads, just don't let them adversely impact our reading experience!

Thanks for the feedback! At the moment, I'm only planning click-through links in the sidebar, and I have no plans to truncate the RSS feed to force click through. I read almost all my blogs on RSS, and I ertainly only want to have to click through for leaving a comment.

Besides, I'm not interested in click-through revenue: I want them to stump up a fixed fee for ad placement. ;)


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