Towards Videogame Aesthetics II: Unit Operations
Towards Videogame Aesthetics III: Against Interpretation

Friends of ihobo

I have finally added a blog roll to the ihobo site, called ‘Friends of ihobo’, which you’ll see in the sidebar. Your site may already be listed – take a look! If it isn’t and you want it to be, check you meet the following three essential criteria:

  • You’re a friend of the company International Hobo Ltd, meaning you have (1) worked with us (2) hired us (3) been a regular here at for at least a year (4) are a fan of our games e.g. Ghost Master, Discworld Noir or (5) have been drinking with us .
  • I have some idea who you are i.e. I have had a conversation with you in blog comments, over email or in person.
  • You have a website that is expressly game related in some way – sorry, no non-game blogs in this particular blog roll.

If you qualify, please leave a comment with your link and I’ll add it to the list.

Thanks to everyone who has supported over the years, and especially to the venerable old guard who followed me here from my philosophy blog, Only a Game - you will earn double experience points for all your comments!

With infinite thanks,



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I sure wouldn't mind a link to Tiny Subversions!

(Greatly enjoying the aesthetics series, btw.)

Darius you spoon, I was *already* linking to you. :D

thanks for letting me know you're enjoying this "prelude to game aesthetics". The real work is still to come! :)

Take care!

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