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Move vs Kinect: The Future of Console Controllers?

What game are you looking forward to?

It's that time of year once again when publishers throw out some of their strongest titles to compete in the vicious Winter market, where titles that might have enjoyed commercial success fail because only the biggest games get the requisite promotion and shelf space at Christmas. Some publishers such as Ubisoft even have their own titles competing against each other in this insane fight to the death! But are there any games coming out now, or in the near future, that you are looking forward to? What forthcoming title or add on pack fills you with the excitement of a child waiting for Santa to bring them their loot?

As usual, I'll be taking a short hiatus from blogging in November, so there won't be any new material on ihobo for a few weeks, but rest assured all the comments will get read and responded to later in the year. Have fun!

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The Back To The Future Game!

Minecraft, eventhough I'm already playing it.

Diablo 3. Ironically someone bought this for me last Swick.

Batman: Arkham City. Since I bought the HD TV my interest in PS3 games has increased. I really enjoyed B:AA.

The next version of Out of the Park baseball (assuming my Giants win, if they don't may I may never want to play again!!)

Ah! Interesting times! Dragon Age 2, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the new Call of Duty, Fable 3, Bulletstorm, Diablo 3 down the road.. And hey, even the venerable Ace Combat series is about to return.

based on release date:
Two Worlds 2
Deus Ex 3
Assassin's Creed 3
Dragon Age 2
Wiedzmin 2 (Witcher 2)
Star Wolves: Ashes to Victory
Age of Decadency
Grim Down
Book of Eschalon 3

Still hope for:
Evil Islands successor
Hard Truck Apocalypse successor
Reluctant Hero
Spice Road
StarFury 2

Jeena: *smiles* You must really love the movies. :)

Andy: I think in the case of Minecraft the honest assessment of the situation must be that Minecraft is *already* out and on sale. I bought it, you bought it, we're both playing it... this game is out. The fact that it is also 'still under development' just reflects the nature of modern community-based games (like MMOs) which are constantly under development, even after release. :)

Thanks for commenting!

Matt: you're looking forward to Diablo 3 but someone bought it for you last year??? I should have asked you about this before you left yesterday...

Jedeman: a lot of sequels there... Bulletstorm looks posibitvely out of place in that list. :)

Krk: It's sweet of you to include Reluctant Hero in your list there... sadly, this game will not see the light of day. But there are still Heretic Kingdoms games in production, so hopefully we can deliver something for you in the future. :)

Thanks for sharing everyone!

Regardless of the big let-down of the system that was diablo II, its horrid XP system. I will still get Diablo III. Play it at least once through with 2-3 of the characters.

I'm looking more forward to the new genre of games, been watching the rise of Dwarf fortress, Heath and Haven and now Minecraft is the forerunner in these new kinds of 'lego+sandbox' worlds. I think 2012 is going to be a more exciting year for gaming than ever before.

There's a Star Wars game supposed to be coming out next year, which utilizes Kinect.

I'm hoping it will be worth buying a kinect for by itself, because frankly none of the current offerings look much better than Wii Sports.

Bannister: I know what you mean about "Lego+Sandbox"... Minecraft is so reminiscent of what I was doing with Play with Fire a few years ago that it has rekindled my interested in this space - I had thought that it was doomed, but now seeing what Minecraft does in essentially the same kind of world as PwF I am more encouraged that this kind of game can succeed. I'd like to get a new project of my own into this space.

Jon: I'm interested in what the gamer hobbyist titles will do with Kinect, but at the price tag they're going to have to offer something seriously impressive to shift units! :)

Thanks for commenting!

You've just made me realise that absolutely nothing interests me in the current Xmas games releases at all; the only one that did (Halo Reach) I already own. I was intrigued by Kinect, but there isn't room for it in my lounge without a re-arrangement of just about every piece of furniture (not to mention fittings!) so that's out.

So if I do buy anything over the next couple of months, it will be something that appears on XBLA, more likely XBLIG, or perhaps a Steam deal will come along, as they usually do at this time of year :)

Rik: I just don't remember the last time I was interested in the Winter Festival releases... maybe it was The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time back in 1998 i.e. 12 years ago. :)

It sounds like The Last Guardian is scheduled for release at this time next year (surely a mistake to sacrifice that to the highly competitive December market? Maybe they plan for an October release). That may be the only title I'm looking forward to right now, unless you count the second part of PixelJunk Shooter.

Speaking of PixelJunk, I'm devastated that Dylan's next game (Lifelike) uses the Move controller... The whole point of this series was to offer low price point games harkening back to the style of older titles but gussied up for Hi-def - having to shell out £50 for a peripheral to play one is definitely not cricket. :(

Thanks for commenting!

Hey Chris.

Yeah my mum pre-ordered Diablo 3 for me for Christmas 2009. Little did I realise.

Since Blizzards future release plans got leaked recently I now see it's due in Q4 2011. I'm not entirely clear on the ethics of offering something for pre-order 2 years early...

This year I think I shall ask her to pre-order me the first expansion pack so I'm good and ready for 2014.


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