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ihobo at GDC 2009

International Hobo have two members giving talks at GDC in San Francisco this year: Wendy Despain and Ernest Adams are both speaking at their own sessions, and Wendy is also on a panel.

Fundamentals of Game Design Workshop is Ernest's sold-out session, and aims to provide an intensive, day-long tutorial about the fundamentals of computer game design. During the session attendees will be divided into game design groups and given specific roles to play. At the end of the day team leaders will give a presentation on their group's work and discuss with the rest of the workgroup.

Wendy will be chairing the IGDA Writing SIG roundtable again this year. The session will go over all the accomplishments of the past year and also highlight some other projects the Writing SIG is involved with. Anyone interested in game writing is encouraged to attend.

Wendy will also be part of the panel talking about The Dating Game, which was the title of her recent Escapist article:

Can a game stand on equal footing with film in regards to a quality first date? Videogames and films are often compared and contrasted with each other in terms of their artistic value as well as common elements of pop culture. While nearly every other aspect of these two media have been discussed the elusive search for a game that could start relationships remains. This panel session offers a comparison of film and games to try to identify the challenges and possibilities that Date-centric game design may hold for the future.

All of us here at ihobo wish Wendy and Ernest good luck with their respective sessions.


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