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The Dating Game (The Escapist)

Wendy has a new article up at The Escapist, tackling the thorny question of games versus films from a rather new angle: which is a better date? Here's an extract:

There are certainly some things games could do better than movies. Games could do a great job of helping two people get to know each other - social networking sites are already exploring this kind of territory. What celebrity are you most like? How does your booklist compare to your friend's? Surely game developers can mine this kind of personal trivia for more social fun.

You can read the entire article over at The Escapist. Wendy will also be part of a group panel about the same subject at this year's GDC, moderated by Dustin Clingman.


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Most MMOG players are familiar with the intricacies of online relationships, but one game stands out as a hotbed of virtual couples. Murray Chu explains Puzzle Pirates' amorous track record and what the game has meant for his offline relationship.

It's pretty well established that movies are great for first dates. Why not videogames? Wendy Despain imagines what it would take to make a videogame that's an acceptable first-date activity.


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