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Beyond Game Design Announced

BeyondGameDesignSA_CvrMock3 It is with great pleasure that International Hobo announces the imminent publication of Beyond Game Design: Nine Steps Toward Creating Better Videogames, with Charles River Media (an imprint of Course Technology). The new multi-author book features chapters by Richard Bartle, Chris Bateman, Noah Falstein, Michelle Hinn, Katherine Isbister, Nicole Lazzaro, Sheri Graner Ray and Joseph Saulter, and is edited by International Hobo’s Chris Bateman.

Beyond Game Design is a master class in videogame design, marketing and theory, and essential reading for anyone working (or hoping to work) in the games industry. The book deals with the entire spectrum of issues relating to how and why players enjoy the games they choose, the different ways of modelling play, and the many distinctions in the audience that make the creation of videogames such a challenging and rewarding experience.

The book has two key themes: understanding the psychology of play and including a wider audience, both of which combine towards the goal of teaching how to make superior games for everyone to play. The first part of the book shows how understanding the psychology of videogames can help make better games, covering Bartle Types, the Four Fun Keys and Roger Caillois’ patterns of play, as well as looking at social play. Combining psychological research and observation with helpful and pragmatic advice, the reader is taken on a journey that shows them how to understand players, and how this knowledge can guide game design.

The second part of the book shows the many different players who are often not considered when making games, and the practical ways to include these often untapped audiences. Issues of cultural diversity, accessibility and gender are all covered by the leading experts on these subjects. By including these wider audiences into the market for videogames, we can learn how to truly make games for everyone.

An essential read for any game designer, marketer, producer or anyone interested in what makes videogames such a vital medium, the book will be available from 16 March 2009, and can be pre-ordered from Amazon, Charles River Media, and all good book stores.


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