Roger Caillois' Patterns of Play
'Game Writing' Reprinted Again

Ultimate Game Player Survey

International Hobo Ltd is pleased to announce it's new study into patterns in the game playing audience. Following the success of the company's seminal DGD1 model, the subject of the acclaimed book 21st Century Game Design, we are now conducting a new survey in more detail than the original, from which we will develop a new DGD2 model of the gaming audience.

To take part in the survey, click here, or upon the Survey link in the site menu. As an added incentive, you could win the game of your choice (terms and conditions apply) just for taking part!

We encourage everyone to pass the relevant link onto anyone who might be interested. Thanks for your support!


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Are the data of the survey published anywhere? On the cover of the book Game Writing it says "research shows that stories are highly valued by game players". I assume this refers to the survey. I'm writing a phd on games as a narrative medium and would love to have data or an article that I can quote that supports the above quote.

Hi Jil,

Regrettably, the data from the earlier surveys (including this one) are such a mess and it would take too long to publish them in a coherent form. However, the new BrainHex survey data is intended to end in a published paper, as I now have research partners to make this worthwhile.

If it helps, I can at least give you the raw percentages for the story info (taken from my "Early Projections" spreadsheet):

- Stories are very important to my enjoyment of videogames (371 = 35.67%)
Stories can help me enjoy a videogame (594 = 57.12%)
- Stories are not important to me in videogames (53 = 5.10%)
- I prefer videogames without stories (13 = 1.25%)
- I don't play videogames (9 = 0.87%)

You can always credit this to an unpublished paper - that's what I did with Beyond Game Design! The credit there reads:

Bateman, Chris, Boon, Richard, Lowenhaupt, Rebecca, “Player Diversity: The DGD2 Survey Results,” unpublished paper by International Hobo based upon research conducted in 2008.

Also, I did post four blog articles which summarised the main findings as follows:

Gamers ♥ Stories (and other titbits)

Top Ten Videogame Emotions

Female Players

Player Skills

Hope that helps!

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