Discworld Noir - Manual Extract

Discworld Noir - Helpline Script

Extract - Act 1 only

File 1

Welcome to the Discworld Noir helpline. To find the best advise for your current predicament, please select the first response that applies to you from each of the lists of options that are given.
Please start by pressing the number of the Act you are stuck in, 1, 2, 3 or 4.

1) Goto 2
2) Goto 20
3) Goto 67
4) Goto 110

File 2 - Act I: While Ankh-Morpork Sleeps

If you have not yet met the big troll named Malachite, press 1.
If you haven't met Ilsa, press 2.
If you haven't been to Pier Five, press 3.
If you have not been to the Mausoleum yet, press 4.
If you have not been to the Von Uberwald Mansion, press 5
If you have met all these people, been to all these places, press 6.

1) Goto 3
2) Play 4
3) Play 5
4) Play 6
5) Play 7
6) Goto 11

File 3 - Before Malachite

If you are stuck because the only locations you can reach are Lewton's office and the Wharf, press 1.
If you have not managed to get on the Milka yet, press 2.
If you have been on the Milka, but have not been to Pseudopolis Yard, press 3.

1) Play 8
2) Play 9
3) Play 10

File 4

Talk to Nobby at Pseudopolis Yard about the Two Mysterious Passengers clue. You will need to do this twice in two separate visits, although if you have already spoken to him in the Café Ankh about this clue, that will count as the first time. After the second time, go to Café Ankh and Ilsa will be there.

File 5

Get the label from out of the flotsam in the Milka's hold and talk to Ilsa about it. This will allow you to get to Pier Five.

File 6

Talk to Sapphire in the Octarine Parrot about Therma to get the Madame Lodestone clue, then talk to Nobby about Madame Lodestone to gain access to the Mausoleum.

File 7

Provided you have been to Pier Five, there should be an invitation from Carlotta waiting for you near the door to Lewton's office. Read it, and then head over to the sinister Von Uberwald Mansion.

File 8

Talk to the First Mate in the Wharf about the Milka clue. This will allow you to reach Café Ankh.

File 9

In order to get on the Milka, you will need the crowbar which can be found on a cart outside Café Ankh. Use the crowbar on the single crate on the Wharf when the sailor is absent (if the sailor is present, exit and re-enter). This will allow you to get onboard the Milka.

File 10

Talk to Nobby in Café Ankh about his main topic, the Vimes topic and Milka clue. You can now get to Pseudopolis Yard (although give Nobby a chance to get back there before you try and visit).

File 11 - After Von Uberwald Mansion

If you have not been to Rhodan's Workshop, press 1.
If you have not spoken to Carlotta in the Mansion, press 2.
If you have not managed to get the grapple from Malachite, press 3.
If you have the grapple, press 4.

1) Play 12
2) Play 13
3) Play 14
4) Goto 15

File 12

Talk to Sapphire in the Octarine Parrot about the Malachite clue. This will allow you to get to Rhodan's workshop.

File 13

Select the Invitation from the inventory when talking to the Butler. When he has left to collect her, look at the painting and she will arrive.

File 14

Get the Selachii Family Mausoleum clue by interacting with the tombs in the Mausoleum. Then, talk to Carlotta about the Selachii Family Mausoleum clue and you will eventually get the Therma in Vault clue. Talk to Malachite about this and you will be able to get the grapple from him.

File 15

If you do not have the Scrap of Cardboard, press 1.
If you do not have the Torn Matchbook, press 2.
If you have not put them together, press 3.
If you have put them together, press 4 to find out how to finish Act I.

1) Play 16
2) Play 17
3) Play 18
4) Play 19

File 16

The Scrap of Cardboard can be found by searching the bottom bunk in the stateroom on the Milka.

File 17

Use the grapple on the ledge at Pier Five to get into the warehouse. The Torn Matchbook is on the floor here.

File 18

Pick up either the Scrap of Cardboard or the Torn Matchbook and use it on the other. This will give you the Matchbook object, which you will need to complete Act I.

File 19 - Finishing Act I

Go to the Octarine Parrot and talk to Mankin about Mundy and then the Matchbook. Then use the Lying topic to get access to Mundy's room and enter to end Act I.


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