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Game Writing: Narrative Skills for Videogames Published by Charles River Media, July 2006

'Play with Fire' Announced, May 2006

Play with Fire is an inventive new platform puzzle game in which the player controls an indestructible ball of flames which sets fire to everything in its path. The game features unique gameplay based around burning and jumping, and three different ways to play – a Fun path which is easy enough for anyone to enjoy, a Puzzle path for those wishing to test their intellectual mettle, and a Challenge path presenting formidable trials for those who wish to test their limits.

Designed by International Hobo Ltd, the game has been developed by India’s first console game developer, Fantasy Labs Entertainment Pvt Ltd (a wholly owned subsidiary of International Hobo). Unique and innovative, Play with Fire is designed to appeal both to experienced gamers craving something original, and to a wider audience looking for something that is easy to learn but hard to master.

Play with Fire is a special game”, says Chris Bateman, managing director of International Hobo, and the game designer on the project. “The game mechanics are simple, but produce quite diverse play. We set off with the goal of exploring how we could deliver new play experiences on a relatively small development budget – too many games fail because they cost more to make than they can ever hope to make back in revenue. I’m looking forward to getting the game into the hands of the audience.”

The game has been in development under the working title of Fireball, and also the Japanese title for the game Hidama.

The PC version of the game, specifically aimed at the gaming underground, is being released with bold new independent publisher, Manifesto Games, based in New York.

"Play with Fire is precisely the kind of innovative, independently developed game Manifesto was founded to support," says Greg Costikyan, the company's CEO. "It's a clear indication of the power of combining a controlled, intellectual approach to design with a clear commitment to the creation of compelling popular entertainment."

The PlayStation 2 version follows later this year, and is being published by Europe’s highly respected budget publisher, Midas Interactive Entertainment. This release is geared towards a wider, more mass market audience. “Midas was our first choice for console publisher,” Chris explains. “They represent all the key strengths of the budget market, and this was the perfect market tier for a game like Play with Fire.” Midas adds: “We are delighted to be publishing Play with Fire on PlayStation 2. Our stated aim is to deliver the very best value for money games to the market and in Fireball we will be doing just that.”

Play with Fire PC is expected Summer 2006, with Play with Fire PS2 expected Q4.

International Hobo Ltd
Manifesto Games
Midas Interactive Entertainment


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