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November 2004

Kult: Heretic Kingdoms Released to Critical Acclaim

Early reviews for 'Kult: Heretic Kingdoms' are showing an overwhelming positive response to the game. The new computer role-playing game developed by Slovakian studio 3D People, with design and script by International Hobo, has been released across Europe by publisher Project 3 Interactive to glowing reviews.

WorthPlaying - Editor’s ChoiceWorthplaying give the game an Editor's Choice award and 9 out of 10. "Kult just feels like a quality act," they say. "It's probably the best [action RPG] that's going to hit the shelves this year."

GameSurf - Award of ExcellenceGamesurf at Tiscali also has praise for the game. "Fresh ideas packed into an interesting story in a fantasy world without the usual clichés." They give the game 90% and an Award of Excellence.

"Kult: Heretic Kingdoms is an RPG with a great story, atmospheric graphics and sound, and excellent gameplay," says Gamevillage. "It feels solid and satisfying, with no loose ends or obvious untidiness. If this is the first game from 3D People, I can't wait for the next!" They give it 85%.

Dutch site agrees: "Kult: Heretic Kingdoms is a hugely entertaining RPG... The tale is highly original and both Attunements and the Dreamworld really distinguish it from other RPG's. Also, because the game has several endings, it has great replay value." They give it 84%.

"If you have always wanted to have a good option for long term play with a role playing game, you should absolutely get into Kult: Heretic Kingdoms!" says German site Winfuture. "But beware, because it can become addictive, because the story and mechanics work better the more you play!" They give it 83%.

Russian site Absolute Games give it 81% and an Our Choice award: "You won't be sorry about the hours you kill playing this game, or the money you spend on buying it."

The English speaking press has also praised the game. Cult gaming site Idle Thumbs calls it a "satisfying, well written experience" in its irreverent but highly positive review of the game, and RPGdot says: "Kult takes the standard action-RPG formula, adds some real story depth and shakes it up with interesting ideas. There's nary an elf or dwarf in sight, replaced by a mysterious and gritty setting of downtrodden peoples and warring factions."

'Kult: Heretic Kingdoms' is out now in Europe and Russia. The US release is expected to be announced shortly.,17164,1.html