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US 'PC Gamer' Awards Ghost Master 90%/Editor's Choice

The largest distributed and most influential PC magazine in the world, the US edition of PC Gamer, has awarded Ghost Master a review score of 90% and a coveted Editor's Choice Award, which is historically synonymous with a Top 10 chart hit.

The arrival of Ghost Master in the North American territory has been greeted with extremely strong reviews, averaging 90% across the board, with the game already building a global cult following after its release in the European territory. The PC Gamer score, however, is considered to be the clearest indication of the game's design being matched to the US market.

International Hobo's Managing Director Chris Bateman had this to say: "We designed this game with the US market in mind. It's PC based, and the US has the strongest installed base for PC, contains a strong element of experimental play, and draws from pop culture influences well suited to the needs of a typical US gamer. The PC Gamer review score is a satisfying validation that we did our job right."

The game has been selling steadily in all territories, although awareness of the game has not been widely distributed. Mr. Bateman comments: "I'm not entirely sure why, but Vivendi seem to have dropped the ball in promoting this game. Good game design will get strong review scores, but then it's up to the marketing department to convert that into sales figures. For whatever reason, Vivendi seem to have missed the chance to have a Halloween blockbuster."

Despite this, the game continues to sell at a steady pace, and rumours of a sequel are rife although Empire Interactive (whose Sick Puppies studio developed the game) refused to publicly confirm or deny whether a sequel was on the table.


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