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US 'PC Gamer' Awards Ghost Master 90%/Editor's Choice

Ghost Master Reviews

Action Trip


Action Trip

"Ghost Master turned out to be a successful mixture of various genres, which establishes excellent gameplay mechanics and presents an extremely challenging experience."
The review gives it a rating of 'Excellent - 9 out of 10' and an Editor's Choice Award

PC Zone Essential

PC Zone

Major UK Consumer Games Magazine
"The most fun I've had with a game in ages... it displays innovation and imagination in an industry that can often be accused of putting the almighty dollar before genuine creativity."
The review gave Ghost Master 87% and awarded it a 'PC Zone Essential' award

The Guardian

Major UK Broadsheet Newspaper
"It's rare these days to find a game that feels genuinely fresh as well as fun, but Ghost Master is truly one of the most original games around... Ghost Master is the most fun you can have on your computer."
The review gave Ghost Master five out of five stars.

Games Domain


Top Game

"Ghost Master has turned the whole horror genre on its head... an original and entertaining idea that has been excellently implemented."
The game is awarded a Top Game award

ESC Magazine


"Ghost Master is probably going to be one of the most overlooked games of 2003. That's a shame, because it's a smart, fun and best of all unusual sim in a genre too often crowded by clones."
The reviews gives the game 9 out of 10.



"Ghost Master is one of the most creative and enjoyable games to come around in a long time. Its mixture of creativity, solid gameplay, and sense of humor make it a game to die for."
They give the game a perfect score - 5 out of 5

The Adrenaline Vault


"It's a fantastic game especially if you are into strategy puzzlers. Even if you're not, it's still a terribly addictive venture that's easy to pick up and you'll find yourself haunting with the best of them in no time flat."
They give the game 4.5 out of 5 stars



"Without a doubt, this is one heck of a creative and fun game that can provide a great addition to your PC library."
The review gave it 9 out of 10 and an Editor's Choice Award



"It's a great novelty, first of all, but it's also a real success in terms of gameplay, thanks to outstanding scenario design and an irreverent sense of humor."
They give the game a ranking of '8.8 - Great'

Gaming Illustrated


"Ghost Master is a highly playable title with a lot going for it... it's sheer originality carries it through. One of the best fun games I have played in a long time, full of humour and detail."
They give the game 86% overall.



"In this day and age, when originality is scarce, Ghost Master shines out."
The game scores 9 out of 10

Gamer Nation UK


"Ghost Master will just have to rank of one of the best games we'll see this year for it's wit, charm and sheer wealth of options."
They give the game 87.6% overall.

Gamer's Hell


"Ghost Master is a totally unique and original idea. If you like The Sims, you will be right at home, watching humans go about their usual daily routines. And if you don't like The Sims, it will be right up your street too! Think of it this way - after all those times they messed up your house and made you take them to the bathroom, it's time to get even. Scare them witless - it's fun!"
They give the game 88% overall.


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