Ghost Master - Worth Waiting For
Comprehensive New Book on Game Design Published by International Hobo Consultant

International Hobo Ltd, End of Year Statement (Dec 2001-Nov 2002)

The 30th of November 2002 marks the end of the financial year for International Hobo Ltd, and the completion of its third year of operation. The first company to hire both games designers and script writers and have the two work together, International Hobo (or ihobo for short) has pioneered the principles of design-integrated narrative and continues to push the forefront of design and storytelling in games.

The 2002 year was the most prosperous to date, with the company pursuing seventeen different projects for six different clients, most of which are still covered by non-disclosure agreement and cannot be discussed at this time.

The most high profile of these, Empire Interactive's Ghost Master, has attracted considerable attention as it moves towards Ghost Mastercompletion and has been described as one of the most hotly anticipated games of 2003.

61% of the company's income came from design work (with some integrated story design) and 39% from design-integrated dialogue scripting and narrative design.

Richard Boon, the company's Head of Script Services, had this comment on the success of the company throughout 2002: "It's pleasing to see that the global games development community is beginning to appreciate the value of quality design-integrated narrative. Our continued success demonstrates that this area can only continue to improve over the coming years."

More than half of the company's clients are already planning new collaborations with International Hobo for the coming year.


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