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April 2002

Edge compares Ghost Master to the Sims

Ghost Master - logoThis month's issue of Edge (#110) included a four-page spread of Ghost Master, which was developed using design, dialogue script and level design by International Hobo Ltd. The preview features a host of screenshots on the game, and some details of the game play.

Edge compares the game to The Sims in terms of its potential to penetrate a wide market, and writes warmly about the organic game play already being demonstrated in the pre-Alpha code. Gregg Barnett, the game's director, comments: "It's hard to classify a category for Ghost Master. It's not a resource management game or a god sim - it has each of these elements, but Ghost Master was designed before The Sims." It is named as appearing on PC, with PS2 and other console versions to follow.

Chris Bateman, managing director at International Hobo comments: "We are delighted to have been key players in the development of this exceptional game project. Good design is not enough by itself to make a great game - you need an exceptional team of programmers, artists and audio experts, and Gregg has brought all of that together in this game."

Ghost Master can be seen at the Vivendi Universal stall at the high-profile E3 convention next month, as well as through British software publishers, Empire Interactive, who developed the game via their Sick Puppies studio.

Ghost Master is due for release Q4 2002.