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Discworld Noir reviews

Adventure Gamer:

On the game:

"Discworld Noir has a quality core with a strong story and a cinematic touch, which should appeal to general adventure gamers, Discworld fans and film noir fans alike."

On the manual:

Carlotta - Discworld Noir"Definitely worth mentioning is the manual. Yes, the manual. It's full of funny sidenotes, self-mockery and inside jokes. Take the paragraph "How to Stop talking to People" for example. Its sidenote reads: "In real life, this is usually the easy part." I like dry humor like that, especially in a manual, which is normally supposed to be very straight-forward."

Rating: 4 out of 5

Adventure Collective:

"Discworld Noir is very successful in creating a believable and eerie atmosphere... The story is deep and complicated and almost always manages to keep the player interested with its multiple leads and subplots. The storyline is full of surprises, especially the ending... The story of Discworld Noir, along with many fun and new gameplay elements, keeps the player's interest high... Discworld Noir is a good game to enjoy."

Ratings: Story 5/5, Gameplay 4/5, Overall 4/5

Games Domain:

"The one thing that Discworld Noir does have in common with its predecessors is the sharp wit that made the other two games such a delight to play. One will find it difficult if not impossible to not smile, chuckle, and laugh out loud while playing this game... All in all Discworld Noir is a fun, witty game that should keep even the veteran adventurer going for a few weeks"

GameSpot UK:

"Discworld Noir will undoubtedly please existing Discworld fans as well as make new ones, but both should be warned: this case is tough and not for the easily discouraged. As Lewton P.I. you will quickly find your notebook brimming with information but your leads almost always running cold. Only with patience, dogged pursuit and a worn out pair of shoes will you even get close to solving the mystery of the missing Mundy. That is, if someone doesn't get you first."

Rating: 8 out of 10

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