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An Experiment with Timings

Because my readership is partly in Europe, partly in the US, and partly scattered across the globe, I am experimenting with new posting times. I previously ran all posts on Only a Game and ihobo.com at 10:30 am GMT. For the near future, I will be posting at 6:00 pm GMT instead. This is based on trying to minimise any impact from time zones on my readership. If you are affected by this change, do let me know your thoughts!

Cross-posted from Only a Game.

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As usual, I'll be taking a short break from blogging and social media in November. Even though I'm away, I still welcome comments on any of the posts here (no matter when they were written!), and I'll be back some time in December with further ramblings. Enjoy the silence!

Clearing the Doctorate

Just a quick note to say that I appear to have hurdled the final step of the bureaucracy required to complete my Doctorate… thus unlocking additional bureaucracy pertaining to storing my doctorate in the library system. It would be nice to feel some sense of achievement or triumph at becoming the first person to have a doctorate in the aesthetics of play but it is more akin to that frustrating boss that you finally take down hours after it ceased to be fun…