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This is very much the source of my argument that games such as Halo only really become interactive games when they are playing in their "real game" mode, which is, of course, multi-player competition!

(But yes, you and others have convinced me to give up on any semantic argument regarding the word "game" heh).

Rik: funny, after writing this I thought "of course, this ignores Halo multiplayer..." ;)

Hi Chris!

A couple of corrections.

Firstly, I do not employ the term 'interaction' in the referenced article -- save once at which instance I expressly withdraw from the idealism you argue against by using the term in a dissociating context: "specialized modes of modern interaction." As you say, many modes of interaction exist, and that which defines virtuality is only one of them.

Secondly, as it is mentioned in the article and as you well know, I do not submit myself to the digital ideology either, which is the impression I get from your text. Virtual (as I define it) does not equal to digital.

I would also encourage you to study some basic narratology, in which you can find the topic of the writing cleared already some four decades ago (reader-response criticism). The well-worn story-discourse distinction would likewise be helpful. Even though it is not directly applicable (mentioned in the article as well) there is no need to re-invent the whole wheel (but we can always invent better wheels).


Thanks for the corrections Matti! I doubt I'll be making anything substantial from this rant, but it's good to get things straight. Apologies if I implicated you in false endorsements of ideological positions. :)

All the best!

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